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sehold. The senior villagers were very pleased, saying it was exactly what they wanted,"

Xi said.Back when Xi served as deputy Party chief and governor of Fujian Province, he proposed "making real efforts to help the really poor."Since ▓he became the Party's leader in 2012▓, he has insisted on seeing "real poverty" every time he

has reached an impoverished region, such as Fuping county in▓ Hebei Province, Huayuan county in Hunan Province and Dongxiang Autonomous County in Gansu Province.?/p>

?In some localities, people have the misconception that poverty relief goes hand in h

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▓industrial projects. [But] in deep mountains and forests, where there are no professionals or market, and costs are high, it is not easy to develop industr

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ia▓l projects," Xi said.Poverty relief is all about solving real problems, according to Xi.He stressed the ▓importance of education and guaranteeing

basic public fac▓ilities, such as roads, water and power.He also suggested teaching those in poverty "how to fish" in acco▓rdance with their actual conditions and capabilitie▓s."The elderly can raise chickens, ducks and shee

p. Give them some fine breeds, guide them on proper feeding, and offer some financial support. For young people, it is important to help them fi

nd jobs. [We] train them, and instruct them to find employment outside t▓heir homes," Xi said.He has warned against ▓aiming too high, saying that ta

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